Beating bullies to win pageant

Model Material: Herriotte Lane found comfort on the ramp
Model Material: Herriotte Lane found comfort on the ramp

A 13-year-old dubbed Britain’s tallest schoolgirl at 1.83m has overcome bullying about her height to win a beauty pageant.

Harriotte Lane, from Newcastle, was teased and suffered name-calling in primary school because she was always much taller than her fellow pupils.

She reached 1.83m by the time she hit her teens and is almost 30cm taller than the average height of other girls her age.

Harriotte overcame the bullies to be named Junior Miss Tyne and Wear Galaxy and is now gearing up to compete in another competition.

She said her impressive height had started as a curse, but she had new-found confidence.

“I used to get comments from children that I was too tall to play with and that I did not fit in,” Harriotte said. “It was upsetting. “But now I see being tall as unique. It is something I’m proud of.

“With modelling and pageants, I gained heaps of confidence and now I embrace being tall.”

Harriotte was almost 15cm taller than her girl classmates when she was 10.

– The Telegraph

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