Abandoned dog causes internet stir


An unwanted dog that was left abandoned outside a train station has caused an internet frenzy after a picture of the animal looking bereft was posted online.

The poor black Staffie-type pet (pictured) was seen being tied to railings by a man who then climbed into a taxi and left it with only a takeaway tray filled with water.

An hour later the dog was still loyally waiting for his heartless owner to return, while crying and whining.

A member of the public heard him and reported him to staff at Eastbourne Railway Station, East Sussex.

Dog wardens collected him later and took him to the council-run kennels where wardens are now trying to trace his owner.

If they fail, they hope the dog can be rehomed like Kai the Shar-Pei crossbreed who was abandoned at a Scottish train station with a pillow, a bowl and a toy.

An Eastbourne Borough Council spokesman said: “We collected the dog which is now safe and well in kennels. We are trying to trace the owner.”

Kai was callously abandoned at a Scottish train station but has since found a loving home.

– The Telegraph

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