Britain’s baby-boomers opt for unorthodox funerals

Death is no longer the last taboo for Britain’s babyboomers, with growing numbers planning fancy dress funerals, collage coffins and even burial at sea, new research shows.

Polling by Saga Personal Finance found that a quarter of over 50s are planning an unusual send-off, with women almost 40% more likely than men to abandon formality.

A majority of those prepared to break with tradition in death reject the idea of a funeral in a church or other religious setting.

It found 37% of the group are planning a humanist farewell while 21% want some other form of non-religious funeral.

Meanwhile, football’s place as the unofficial national religion is confirmed, with more than a third of those planning a non-traditional send-off wishing to have their ashes scattered on their favourite team’s pitch. Significantly men were only slightly more likely than women to choose a footballing farewell (35% against 34%).

One in 20 of those planning an unorthodox funeral would consider a themed send-off or burial at sea.

Overall, 38% of those opting for a non-standard funeral wanted a cardboard casket and just over one in 20 would choose a coffin covered in pictures.

– The Telegraph

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