Boy, 3, shoots both parents with one bullet

An American toddler shot his father and his heavily pregnant mother with a single bullet after reaching into her handbag for an iPod but pulling out a loaded handgun instead.

Seconds after grabbing the 9mm pistol, the three-year-old boy unwittingly fired one shot, which hit his father in the buttock, passed out of his hip and then struck his mother in the shoulder.

Justin Reynolds and Monique Villescas were rushed to hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Both are expected to survive but Villescas, who is eight months pregnant, was “seriously” injured.

The couple are expected to face criminal negligence charges.

Their son and his two-year-old sister were taken into temporary care by social services while an investigation was conducted.

Police spokesman Simon Drobik said: “We cannot emphasise enough – secure and lock up your firearm, out of the reach of children.”

On average, at least two children are shot dead a week in accidents in the US and in three quarters of the cases, the gun was fired by another child.

– The Telegraph

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