Harry’s ‘naked’ underpants in spotlight at stripper show

Prince Harry and (insert) stripper Carrie Reichert, now know as Carrie Royale
Prince Harry and (insert) stripper Carrie Reichert, now know as Carrie Royale

Prince Harry’s naked party has come back to haunt him, after one of the women announced plans to strip using his underpants as part of her act.

Carrie Reichert, who has adopted the stage name Carrie Royale, will strip off the outfit she was wearing when she says she met the prince in 2012, twirling the underpants she claims the prince gave her.

St James’s Palace has denied in the past Reichert was one of the women invited back to the prince’s VIP suite at a Las Vegas hotel, saying her “story is untrue”.

But that will not stop Britishborn Reichert, 40, milking her alleged association with the prince and heaping fresh embarrassment on him over an episode he would rather forget.

Harry’s naked party caused a storm of controversy in 2012

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Reichert would strip off her “Prince Harry” outfit at the Harry Mohney Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, before donating the outfit to the museum along with a bathing suit she wore in his company.

She has also signed up to perform striptease acts and lap dances at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas.

Exactly how she intends to use the prince’s underpants in her act is unclear, but she claims the prince gave them to her in his VIP suite where an infamous naked photo was taken by another female guest.

Harry partied in Las Vegas before his second tour of Afghanistan

She said when she got to the party: “Harry was already undressed. It was just crazy. He looked delirious. There was a pool table and he was playing air guitar with pool sticks.

“He was screaming out: ‘Somebody get me a glove! I’m going to do a Michael Jackson impression’.”

She described him as giving “random naked hugs” and being “really friendly”.

After spending 15 to 20 minutes smooching with her, she says he told her “that was great” and then “told me I was beautiful and gorgeous, which was sweet. Then we kind of nonchalantly returned to the party and kept drinking”.

The prince later blamed his indiscretion on being “too much army and not enough prince”.

– The Telegraph

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