Punch-up over pricey endangered delicacy

Fourteen Chinese police officers have been suspended after three undercover journalists were assaulted while trying to expose an underground salamander feast at which Communist Party officials were washing the endangered species down with cases of rice wine.

The banquet took place last Wednesday in the southern factory boomtown of Shenzhen. At least 28 people, including senior government officials, were present.

One giant salamander – a critically endangered amphibian long considered a delicacy in China – was on the menu.

But what had promised to be a routine night of over-indulgence descended into fisticuffs when diners realised that their 6 352-yuan (R11 830) salamander-eating session had been infiltrated by reporters.

“One of [the journalists] was kicked and slapped while another was robbed of his cellphone, leaving his hands bleeding. The photographer was choked and beaten up, while his camera was smashed.”

Fourteen policemen were suspended pending an investigation.

– The Telegraph

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