Walmer restaurant Suki is a must-try

A chic new Asian eatery showcases excellent dishes, writes Angela Daniels of her visit to the oriental restaurant in Sixth Avenue

Fresh, colourful dishes served up in an effortlessly chic setting makes one of Port Elizabeth’s newest restaurants a must-try.

Suki Asian cuisine
Suki head chef John Zhuo with a plate of sushi at Suki restaurant  Picture: Werner Hills

Suki, situated in what is rapidly becoming a foodie hub in the middle of Walmer, offers a variety of Asian cuisine that includes Japanese, Chinese and Thai.

A mid-week visit last week allowed my husband and I to try some of the best sushi we have had in Port Elizabeth for a while.

The appeal of the salmon roses (R28 for two pieces) and the prawn fashion sandwiches (R48 for four) lies in both their freshness and the manner in which they are crafted.

They taste good and it’s clear that only fresh, top quality ingredients are used.

In addition they are beautifully plated, making them a delight from both an aesthetic and taste perspective.

On the starter side, my husband also tucked into a bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup (R32), which he said was one of the better soups he had ever had.

The starters came out quite promptly after we had ordered, something I was glad about as I had heard talk of rather tardy service from the new establishment.

Initially, I feared that we were in for a long wait as it was a good 10 minutes before a drinks order was taken.

That, however, was the only blip on the service side, with the waiter friendly but unobtrusive while also knowledgeable when it came to the food.

There is also a rather impressive-looking bar at Suki where cocktails are mixed up at an admirable rate.

While the bar is well stocked and the wine list fairly extensive, I was a little disappointed in the offerings when it came to wine by the glass.

There are just three options – a chenin blanc, a semi-sweet and a red. Perhaps it is a teething problem that will soon be sorted out, but in my case the options just weren’t good enough so I opted for a mojito (R36).

It was refreshing and not a bad option – I still would have preferred a decent wine.

While I sipped that mojito I took in the decor and, simply put, Suki is stunning.

The decorated ceiling takes centre stage and Suki owner Kevin Zhang explained that the wood – which crisscrosses under the ceiling – was imported ash.

Interestingly, the idea behind the ceiling art was devised when Suki’s owners saw a similar style while in Barcelona, Spain.

That aside, the look certainly had an Asian appeal.

There is also a lovely curved piece of wood in the centre of the restaurant that serves as a centrepiece for a number of tables.

It’s unusual and somewhat fun. For mains my husband and I both decided on teriyaki dishes, beef (R129) for him and pork ribs (R89) for me.

The ribs were nothing short of fantastic and despite them being the cheaper of the two options, I think my husband wished he had chosen them instead.

I know this because, rather full from the starter, I took most of the ribs home with me – only to discover the next morning that none were left.

While the ribs certainly were a highlight, the beef was also a great meal – succulent and well cooked.

There were a number of sumptuous-sounding Thai dishes on the menu as well and we will definitely be popping in to try a few of those.

As Zhang said, the owners opted to provide a variety of Asian dishes to ensure variety and give guests a taste of the East without limiting those who are not particularly fond of food from one of the three countries being showcased.

  • This visit was unannounced and the bill paid for in full.

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