Feisty truck gets a fast-food diner buddy

Makoy food truck diner
Emma Adriaanse with burgers and other rib-stickingly good grub Picture: Louise Liebenberg

The flaming orange-and-black Makoy food truck has become a familiar sight at many an Eastern Cape concert, festival or Food Truck Friday gathering over the last four years. Owner Dewald Hurter is a keen surfer and so it’s probably not surprising that the thought of hitting the open road to feed the famished – hopefully with some waves to be found along the way – appealed to him.

Those who have followed Walmer Park’s popular Kitchen Maestro competition every year will know that Dewald is also a highly accomplished chef with more than 20 years of industry experience. He’s the whiz behind Bay company Flair Catering and has been the driving force behind several popular restaurants, including Chez Patrick in Port St Francis where he was based for a number of years.

Dewald has now also opened a fast-food diner under the Makoy banner in Walmer, where you can pull in for some super-satisfying chow.

Just look for the big orange truck out front and then shift your gaze to the spot in the corner next door to Banneton.
“I’ve always had a passion for food and I love people,” Dewald said. “With the support of the people of PE, the markets and the food revolution going on here we’ve built up a good following for the truck.
“We took Makoy to Aardklop [in Potchefstroom] last month and it was amazing. It was there that I thought, no man, we’ve got to do a Makoy diner too.”

He, wife Lisa and the Makoy team officially threw open the diner’s doors to Bay guests last Wednesday, with everyone from business folk to a posse of hungry bloggers unleashing themselves on burgers, sliders and other marvellous morsels that came flying out of the kitchen.

The menu is big on burgers in true diner style, with the “Loaded” rib and cheese burger proving an early favourite, followed by the biltong and avo burger. The pulled pork and pulled kudu buns will also go down well.
Spare ribs, flatbread wraps and other hot meals are also available, and you can ramp these up with a side serving of rustic fries or tortilla chips.

There’s also an interesting selection of salads such as roast dukka and butternut; Thai chicken and wasabi biltong; and baharat lamb and grilled halloumi.

Baharat is spice mix that’s widely used in the Middle East. Great for seasoning lamb, fish, chicken, beef, even soups, it might contain allspice, black pepper, cardamom, clover, coriander, chilli and cumin – though I am still working on Dewald to part with his killer recipe!

The guy is a stickler, so don’t think Makoy Diner is just any old burger-flipping joint – the patties are home-made, so too are most, if not all, of the sauces and relishes. I forgot to ask where the buns come from but even these did not strike me as garden variety buns.

I’m always appreciative when extra care is put into seemingly simple meals like burgers and that’s why Dewald’s truck has taken off, with the fast-food diner surely set to follow.

On the sweet side there’s malva pudding with ice-cream to try, or Lindt chocolate mousse with caramelised pear, though on launch night it was the five-star chocolate spring-roll that had diners like Heinrich Schmidt, of Heinz in Style, in ecstasy!

  • Makoy Fast-Food Diner is at 152 Main Road. Hours are 11am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. Call (041) 581-0828.

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