Spotlight on my suburb: Fairview

Fairview is one of Port Elizabeth’s newest development sites and is becoming increasingly popular.

Fairview became part of the Walmer Municipality in 1933, and in 1967 Walmer itself became part of the Port Elizabeth Municipality. Fairview developed from a low-density township and has become increasingly culturally diverse over the years.

Tauriq Ally has lived in the newly developed area with his wife and daughter for a few months, but is no stranger to the area.

“I’ve become familiar with the area over the past few years as my in-laws live here as well. I’ve noticed that buildings are popping up all over,” says Tauriq.

According to Tauriq, a big drawcard is the convenient location and close proximity to schools, businesses, hospitals and shopping centres. The OriginHealth Fairview Hospital is expected to open to the public soon, which will benefit the community.

The incredible growth of the western part of Port Elizabeth has created a great need for a hospital in the area.

The new facility will also take the strain off other hospitals in the city.

The price of vacant stands has also increased dramatically over the past three years, says Tauriq, which is a clear indication of the growing popularity of the area.

According to Tauriq, there isn’t a typical Fairview house. “There’s a wide range of houses, from huge and extravagant, to small and basic.”

Your experience of the area is also dictated by the side of Willow Road you live on. The road has seen many changes recently, with scores of businesses opening their doors and adding to the development of the area.

The side of Willow Road closest to Overbaakens is quieter as there are fewer houses than the opposite side.

“From what I can see and also from the comments I’ve heard from friends, the community is quite active.

“Kids play in the streets, there’s a neighbourhood watch and community bush-clearing projects. The new sports centre will also be a huge attraction with the youth,” says Tauriq.

It’s clear to see that Fariview is fast becoming the neighbourhood to live in, no matter your age or preference.


The median-asking price is R895,000 for a typical property such as a three-bedroom house.


  • The Co-Op Port Elizabeth in Willow Road
  • Walmer Park Shopping Centre
  • Fig Tree Shopping Centre


  • Simply Asia at Moffett on Main
  • The Rose Garden at Floradale Nurseries in Circular Drive
  • Spur and Ocean Basket at Fig Tree Access Park
  • Coffee and Kids Company in Willow Road

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