WATCH: ANC councillors tussle with Tshwane metro police

Tshwane Metro Police were called into the council’s chambers after a verbal clash between African National Congress and Democratic Alliance councillors threatened to turn violent.

This followed a failed attempt by security personnel to remove an ANC councillor whom speaker Rachel Mathebe had ordered removed from the chamber after refusing to leave.

ANC councillors prevented the security staff from carrying out the order and the metro police officers were ordered inside.

The meeting descended into scenes reminiscent of recent parliamentary tussles. ANC councillors confronted the police‚ stretching out their hands and saying‚ “Here are our hands. Arrest us. This is what you are here for‚ then do it”.

During the confrontation there were also a tussle between the metro cops and the councillors.

Six hours into the meeting‚ council had not begun dealing with the agenda of the day. Metro police were still negotiation with ANC councillors for one of them to leave the chamber. — TMG Digital


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