WATCH | Baby giraffe born at PE game park

The Kragga Kamma Game Park welcomed a baby giraffe to its family on Monday morning.

Ayesha Cantor, the park’s co-owner, said the birth was a “huge surprise”.

“I was doing the rounds and noticed one of the [mummy] giraffe’s tails sticking straight up, so I knew what was coming.

“We weren’t expecting it at all so being able to see it was a really good feeling.”

Cantor said the park welcomed about two new calfs a year.

“One of the interesting things to note is that when the baby comes out, it’s actually not as long a drop as one would think. The calf almost touches the ground.

“But the fall itself is almost the equivalent to a doctor patting a newborn baby’s bum. The fall helps with inflating the calf’s lungs,” she said.

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