VIDEO: Residents take on councillor over eviction bid

Councillor Abraham Isaacs is confronted by angry Korsten residents as he tries to evict the illegal occupants of four municipal emergency containers.
Picture: Frendlin Adriaan

Angry Korsten residents who have been threatened with eviction from container homes, gathered in their numbers yesterday and threatened to throw faeces from the communal bucket toilet they share at a city councillor.

Abraham Isaacs had met the fuming residents of the settlement called Kamma Park in Korsten in the pouring rain in Brady Street. He was accompanied by three removal trucks and two police vans.

While poking and pointing at Isaacs, the residents accused him of acting as though he was superior to them, despite them putting him in his councillor’s office.

Isaacs said he had issued his own eviction notices from his office but there was no court order to this effect.

The residents shouted at Isaacs that he had put sliding doors in his house but wanted to put them in the street.

Isaacs said the containers were never meant for people to live in permanently and that they were for relief efforts following disasters such as floods and fires.

Adults and children as young as 18 months have been living in the containers after the legal occupants were moved into new RDP houses in Zosa Street, Korsten.

The upset residents told Isaacs they were not leaving Kamma Park unless they were provided with alternative accommodation. But Isaacs said he had given the residents six weeks’ notice.

Simone Cupido, who lives in one of the containers, said Isaacs was lying and never gave them an eviction notice.

Cupido admitted they used electricity from illegal connections as the containers did not have electricity or water.

A woman who declined to give her name said they would be more than happy to leave Kamma Park if alternative accommodation was provided.

The woman said Isaacs had promised that they would move into new homes by Easter this year.

“There’s more than 10 people living in one container. Everyone shares a tap and we share a communal toilet.”

Community member Dudley Jacobs said Isaacs had no right telling the people of Kamma Park what to do because they were placed there after developments in Zosa Street began – before his time in office.

“These people were placed here, they should be placed somewhere else and not put out in the street. Most of them don’t have an income and where does Isaacs expect them to go,” Jacobs said.

Isaacs said he did not have alternate accommodation for them, but they were trespassing and he gave them notice.

DA chief whip Werner Senekal said his office would investigate the matter “but let it be known that an eviction can only take place within the prescripts of the law”.

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