BREAKING: Televangelist Omotoso to remain behind bars

Controversial televangelist Timothy Omotoso was refused bail in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s court today.

The court found Omotoso to be a flight risk with no real ties to South Africa.  In addition, in the event that Omotoso is released on bail, the court said, there was a strong likelihood the alleged victims would be threatened and intimidated.

Omotoso faces 22 charges related to contravening the Sexual Offences Act with two definite charges of rape contained in the charge sheet.

Dramatic scenes played out at the Port Elizabeth International Airport on 20 April, 2017.

Omotoso had allegedly trafficked women and girls from various branches of his church to a house in Umhlanga Rocks, Kwa-Zulu-Natal, where they were sexually exploited.

The Nigerian televangelist is a senior pastor of Jesus Dominion International, whose headquarters are in Durban, with a Port Elizabeth branch in Govan Mbeki Avenue.

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