NMBM water supply reduced by 30% due to collapsed canal

Water supply to Nelson Mandela Bay has been reduced by 30% and residents have been urged to reduce water usage because of the Kirkwood canal which collapsed on Thursday, the municipality said on Sunday (21/05/17).

“We envisaged that as from Monday evening (22 May, 2017) the water supply to the eastern and northern parts of NMBM will be affected,” the municipality said on its Facebook page.

These areas that will be affected are:

• Despatch
• Parts Uitenhage
• Motherwell
• Ikamvelihle
• Wells Estate
• Bluewater Bay
• Bloemendal
• Bethelsdorp
• Chatty
• Colchester

“All residents of NMBM are requested to reduce water usage to a minimum, so that the is a fare share across the metro, and prevent any possible water outages in the above listed areas,” the municipality urged.

The canal, running through a Kirkwood farm, was destroyed in a landslide on Wednesday, cutting off the main water supply to the Nooitgedacht water treatment facility.

The Nooitgedacht works, in Addo, treats water from the Sundays River system. The treated water is pumped to the Grassridge Reservoir, from where it flows to the Coega Kop, Colchester, Motherwell, Uitenhage, Despatch, Chatty, Bethelsdorp and Bloemendal reservoirs.

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