Our souls are not for sale – Gordhan

Axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan . Picture: Esa Alexander
Axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan . Picture: Esa Alexander

Axed finance minister Pravin Gordhan has spoken out about the intelligence report which was used to recall him from an investment roadshow and ultimately fire him.

Speaking in Pretoria on Friday‚ Gordhan thanked the nation and even President Jacob Zuma for the opportunity to serve South Africa.

“I didn’t apply for this job. I was asked as part of national service to take this job. And for the first time I also want to say to you what I said when I was asked to take this job‚ I said … why me? I was in fact enjoying getting back to basics thing going in Cogta … I mentioned two named that the president could consider … and he said no‚ you are the man they say can calm the markets‚” Gordhan said.

However‚ he expressed disgust at the grounds on which he was ultimately fired.

“This is the so-called intelligence report and if you read it you will know it is absolute nonsense‚” Gordhan said waving the one paged document.

Gordhan said “there is an allegation that’s floating around which sickens me”.

“And the allegation is that I’m having secret meetings to undermine this country.”

Gordhan said the allegation was “manufactured in Mars”.

“If anybody wants us not to do this job‚ just tell us not to do this job‚” he said.

“We don’t need brown bags. Our souls are not for sale‚” Gordhan added‚ referring to an alleged bribe offered to his junior.

2 thoughts on “Our souls are not for sale – Gordhan

  • March 31, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Zuma is a thieving scumbag, anyone supporting him needs to be punished with the same vengence as him, if this is what the anc want for the country prepare for backlash from honest citizens – you will need to prove to me you are not an anc supporter before i offer you any form of help or employment, zero support for these thieves and rapists of our country who stand complicit in the face of such blatant corruption.

  • March 31, 2017 at 3:15 pm

    Sad day for S.A. as Zuma once again makes a fool out of us with his actions. what an ugly way to “get rid of” people he no longer wants around. he is not man enough to face up to the music so he does it this way, what a coward.


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