Attack on Zimbabwean mother and son captured on CCTV

A Zimbabwean mother and son – in Polokwane to apply for South African residency – were attacked by panga-wielding robbers on Thursday.

Footage of the attack went viral on Facebook this week‚ and shows Jeanette van Vuuren and her son Tony grappling with two assailants in a petrol station forecourt.
The men had been after money in a moon bag on Van Vuuren’s waist.

Her brother‚ Bruce van Vuuren‚ said that pair had crossed into South Africa by bus and arrived in Polokwane in the early hours of the morning.

“They were coming to the Department of Home Affairs to apply for residency because our mother was born here. They landed up at the garage and they were attacked by the men…they were after her money‚” he said.

Van Vuuren said that his nephew was badly injured in the assault‚ having sustained cuts to his arms.

Police spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said that he had received word of the incident but that investigators had not yet viewed the footage.

WARNING:  This video may upset sensitive viewers

One thought on “Attack on Zimbabwean mother and son captured on CCTV

  • March 9, 2017 at 12:34 am

    These poor Zimbabweans. Thinking they might be better off applying for residency to have some sort of future in a ‘rainbow nation’ but sadly, there is no rainbow nation anymore.. it is only three colours now – black, green and gold.. black for the evil of all people who believe taking without asking is legal and their privilege now, gold for all the riches they want to achieve without working for it by stealing for it, and green all the envy they display at others for nothing.
    Mandela stood for something called equality. He had a dream and right now youngsters today haven’t even heard of that dream because history is being rewritten in terms of apartheid and letting Mandela free in order to live together as a nation. My generation felt that change and we accepted without understanding what was happening whilst we were children. We didn’t grow up blaming any body around us either. The generation after me and after them is now lost in racial contention, conflicted between hateful brainwashing media with the likes of intense racism speeches from young ones like Julius Malema, and when was he born.. what experiences did he have during Mandela’s years.. prob zero. No elderly lady deserves to be attacked like this!! I ask you where is the respect these days ??Regardless of colour, no elderly person deserves to be stolen from. The irony is she was coming to apply for residency in SA, I wonder if that would still appeal after such a traumatic experience. The world gave up on Zimbabwe a while ago.. how long until South Africa is desolate just like it? Such a sad sad situation. Peace to all those trying to improve their lives in other countries. To all those destroying and violating lives: May your heart be blessed with forgiveness.


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