A sangoma, faulty ATM and whiskey – just some of the highlights from Panayiotou trial this week

Week two of the Panayiotou murder trial was filled with technical evidence, while some of the state’s key witnesses were left fumbling for words as the defence cast doubt on their credibility.

Senior court reporter KATHRYN KIMBERLEY takes another look at the week’s proceedings.


Sangoma Zoleka Zekani is on the stand Picture: Eugene Coetzee
Sangoma Zoleka Zekani Picture: Eugene Coetzee
  • Sangoma Zoleka Zekani said a “shaking and shivering” Sizwezakhe Vumazonke (alleged triggerman) came to see her on the morning of April 21 last year. She said Vumazonke asked her to “wash” him but she refused on the basis of what he had told her.
  • The dramatic details of Vumazonke’s arrest were revealed for the first time, with a policeman explaining how he hit his head on the door of a police van when he tried to resist. This apparently resulted in a swollen eye.
  • Estelle Burger from Nedbank said Panayiotou phoned her the day of Jayde’s disappearance asking her to assist him in tracking movement on Jayde’s account. She said she refused on the basis that Panayiotou did not have signing power on his wife’s account.

    Mawonga Ndedwa is a former employee of Christopher Panayiotou Picture: Kathryn Kimberley
    Mawonga Ndedwa
    Picture: Kathryn Kimberley



  • Zekani’s evidence relating to what Vumazonke told her the day of the murder was ruled as hearsay following Vumazonke’s death and was therefore not revealed to court.
  • Price accused the policeman who arrested Vumazonke, Constable Thapelo Mabija, of assaulting Vumazonke.

    The defence claims Sizwezakhe Vumazonke was beaten up by police
    Sizwezakhe Vumazonke
  • While Vumazonke was arrested at 1.30am on May 3 last year, he was first taken to Despatch and only booked in at the Kabega Park police station some four hours later.
  • Price said Burger was not being truthful because she was scared of getting into trouble with the bank, and that she had in fact helped Panayiotou to track his wife’s account “out of the goodness of her heart”.



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