‘Chaos in ANC painful to watch’

The current chaos, rifts and factional squabbles within the ANC are painful for veterans to watch.

This is the view of ANC Eastern Cape secretary Oscar Mabuyane, who said some party members lacked political discipline and had become uncontrollable.

He was speaking at the New Brighton home of Sipho Hina, 85, who died on Thursday.

ANC members filled the living room of the Hina home where a short prayer service was held.

“Hina’s death is a great loss to the ANC. He was one of those veterans who was not scared to call us if something was not right,” Mabuyane said.

“He was one of the veterans who would call you into order.

“There are many veterans who are dying this year and one of the things that does not sit well with them is the pain the ANC finds itself in and the way we conduct ourselves as the people who were given a responsibility to lead by the ANC.”

Mabuyane said it was difficult to talk about the ANC under the leadership of the DA in Nelson Mandela Bay.

He said this was indicative of a party that was moving backwards instead of going forward.

“What is [the problem?] Is it service delivery?” he asked.

“As the secretary, I want to say it’s not service delivery.

“It’s the chaotic state of the organisation where one wants to jump and strangle another person for no reason.

“That is a painful thing that these veterans have to watch,” Mabuyane said.

He urged members to unite.

“Fighting over councillor positions is a problem in many of our wards and that is not the ANC, but individuals who want to fulfil their own needs,” he said.

“We need to protect the legacy of these veterans. “They did not fight to be in parliament or to hold higher positions or to be councillors, but they fought for the liberation of this country.”

Hina’s memorial service will be held at 6pm today at the Hoza Hall in New Brighton. He will be buried on Saturday.

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  • October 12, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    STOP STEALING! Learn what means to have good morals and serve the people and not yourselves, then you may start moving in the right direction!


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