Teenager survives stabbing at Rage

Heroic matriculant stabbed after he stops bag snatcher at event venue

BRAVE TEEN: Daniel Thielke only realised he had been stabbed when he saw the blood on his T-shirt Picture: EWALD STANDER
BRAVE TEEN: Daniel Thielke only
realised he had been stabbed when
he saw the blood on his T-shirt

AHEROIC matriculant is lucky to be alive after he was stabbed multiple times outside one of the Plett Rage venues while trying to fend off a robber who had snatched a girl’s handbag. The knife just missed his heart and main artery.

Daniel Thielke, 19, was stabbed in the chest, collarbone and arm after tackling the bag-snatcher to the ground following a chase early on Monday.

He was discharged from hospital yesterday.

Thielke was in Plettenberg Bay to celebrate the end of his school career at the South African College School (SACS) in Cape Town. He had been waiting with a girl outside the VIP Super Club at 2am on Monday for a taxi when the attacker emerged from the bushes nearby.

“He walked towards us,” Thielke said. “We didn’t take much notice at first as he didn’t come at us in a threatening manner.

“But before we knew it, he had grabbed the girl’s handbag.”

Thielke had tried to grab the bag back from the suspect, but the man ran away.

“I gave chase and managed to tackle him,” Thielke said. “He got up and ran again, but I again caught up and tackled him once more.

“At that stage, a Bitou law enforcement officer saw what was happening and intervened.”

Thielke only realised after the arrest that he had been stabbed.

The black T-shirt he was wearing felt wet and, when he looked down, he saw it was soaked in blood.

“I walked myself over to the Plett Rage medical tent at the VIP Super Club where paramedics immediately assisted me,” the teenager said.

He was taken to Plettenberg Bay’s Medi-Clinic for further treatment.

“It was a close call. I could easily have died,” a still-shocked Thielke said. “The stab wound to my chest just missed my heart and was about 7cm deep.

“The stab wound to my collarbone just missed my main artery.

“I could easily have bled out. The guy also slashed my right arm.”

Thielke said he was very grateful for the medical team’s swift action and that the man had been arrested.

In the meantime, Thielke is under the watchful eye of family for the rest of the festival.

Police spokeswoman Lieutenant Marlene Pieterse said a 30-year-old man had been arrested and would appear in court today .

“We have opened a case of robbery and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm,” Pieterse said.

Thielke said although the girl’s bag had been recovered, the cellphone that was inside had disappeared.

“I also lost my hat in the ordeal,” he said.

Plett Rage spokesman Anthony Hinrichsen said: “We are grateful to the police for their swift action in catching the [alleged] perpetrator.

“We urge students to stay vigilant and to stick in groups when out at night.”

Hinrichsen said event safety officers had been in touch with Thielke’s family after the incident.

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