Family video wins 170th birthday prize

TO celebrate The Herald’s turning 170 today, we gave our readers an opportunity to win a luxurious night for two at Pumba Private Game Reserve by sending in birthday wishes for the newspaper.

The Herald received entries via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail from all corners of the globe.

Paul Chambers sent his birthday wish from London via YouTube.

Others took a more amusing approach and sent in memes to celebrate the big day.

Cupie Howse Munro’s meme via Facebook stated: “They say only the good die young. I guess that makes you an old bad ass.”

But there has to be a winner and in the end, the newsroom opted for a video produced by the Pillay family who live in Hunters Retreat.

The video featured the family of five, including six-month-old Meekha Lia – who cannot wait for her turn to read The Herald – in a heart-warming birthday wish from the young to the old.

“I remember The Herald being delivered to my parents’ house when I was in primary school,” Meekha’s mother Delia, 34, said.

“The Herald is my way of staying informed. Without reading it I feel completely disorientated. All my friends at work know how much I love doing the Sudoko as well.”

Grandfather Dennis Nockfar, 82, and Meekha’s nanny Lindiwe Monica Yisake, 46, also featured in the video.

Delia and her husband Sanjay, 37, will be going to Pumba Private Game Reserve.

“I think my husband and I need just one night to ourselves,” Delia said.

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