East London Anglo Boer War statue vandalised

The Anglo Boer War statue in front of the East London City Hall has become  the latest in a series of South African statues to be vandalised.

Dispatchlive reported on Monday (20/04/15) that the statue was splattered with white paint.

Several statues have been vandalised across the country in recent weeks including the Horse memorial in Port Elizabeth and an Anglo-Boer War memorial in Uitenhage.

Buffalo City Metro spokesman Thandy Matebese said the incident happened on Saturday evening.

According to Matebese‚ a group of people with silver paint on their faces splattered the statue and ran away.

Just before 9am‚ people were stopping to take pictures of the vandalised statue.

Yanga Bija described the vandalism as childish.

“Whoever did this was obviously bored. Instead of doing this‚ the culprit should have used their time to do something more constructive‚” said Bija.

– The Herald and RDM News Wire.

One thought on “East London Anglo Boer War statue vandalised

  • April 20, 2015 at 11:58 pm

    Didn’t the English forces fight this war in part to end black slavery in south Africa? Just thinking out loud


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