Official threatens to beat up white drivers

Mphumzi Zuzile
Mphumzi Zuzile

AN Eastern Cape government spokesman took to Facebook at the weekend, threatening to smack the “s**t” out of white drivers.

Recently appointed Roads and Public Works Department spokesman Mphumzi Zuzile defended the post yesterday, saying it was done during a fit of road rage.

Zuzile, a former journalist, posted on Saturday: “Call me a racist but one day I’m gonna get out of my car and smack the s**t out of these bloody white drivers who think they know the rules of the road better than anyone else … I’ve had enough of their insults on the road.”

Asked whether the post was appropriate conduct for a government spokesman, Zuzile said he wrote the post in his personal capacity on his personal wall.

He said there were no rules on what he could and could not do in his personal capacity.

-Cindy Preller

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A screengrab of the Facebook post by Mphumzi Zuzile
A screengrab of the Facebook post by Mphumzi Zuzile

2 thoughts on “Official threatens to beat up white drivers

  • April 17, 2015 at 9:24 pm

    Hi Zuzile;
    Do YOU know the traffic rules? YOU didn’t make them! When ‘white drivers are pissed of with YOUR driving think again, think again before airing your views.
    A man in a straight-jacket would tell his keepers: “You are mad!” or a drunkard will tell you: “I’m sober!”
    Think again.
    Before you get out of your car make sure you can run faster then the ‘white’-drivers…. you might get yourself a beating!

  • March 17, 2015 at 12:11 pm

    Mr Mphumzi Zuzile just remember if you going to smack a white driver the white drivers wil smack you #justsaying and you will get a proper beating………


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