Motorists ‘ripped off’ by towing firm

LIVID Port Elizabeth motorists have lashed out at a tow truck company for allegedly using unscrupulous methods and charging inflated towing and storage rates in the wake of accidents.

The irate vehicle owners have vented their frustration against V&R Auto, with a string of serious claims over its conduct and what they describe as a battle to have their vehicles released by the company.

Among others, it is alleged a towing company employee misrepresented himself by claiming to be accredited to a particular insurance provider and motorists still in shock were pressured into signing documentation authorising the company to tow their vehicles.

A civil claim has been filed in the high court by one motorist who claims his vehicle was towed without consent, while another has laid a fraud complaint with police.

– Hendrick Mphande

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One thought on “Motorists ‘ripped off’ by towing firm

  • March 11, 2015 at 9:16 am

    I always wondered how they were able to afford to drive around in Porches and Ferraris. You often see exotic cars with V&R decals on in PE.


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