Newspapers hit by poster ‘cover-up’


Is the public getting gatvol of bad news? Clearly someone is – and is trying to spread a little cheer.

Yesterday, grim newspaper posters on Cape Town lampposts were covered with white pieces of paper that said things like “Have a lekker Monday!” and “You are awesome!!”.

The feel-good campaign ran along a main artery in the southern suburbs of Cape Town.

The newspapers which fell victim to the guerrilla tactics were the Cape Times, the Cape Argus and the Daily Voice, all of which belong to Independent Newspapers South Africa.

Communications head Lutfia Vayej said: “We actually have no idea who did this.”

Jermaine Craig, outgoing editor of the Cape Argus, said: “Naturally, the posters are the property of Independent Newspapers and we will act if need be to ensure there is no abuse of our property and that our titles’ day-to-day posters are not obscured going forward.

“But we’ve had a chuckle about it today,” he said.

In Johannesburg last year, fake posters from The Star appeared in trendy Parkhurst bearing headlines such as “Zuma hates the Guptas”, “ANC is racist, says Zuma” and “Mandela family: Voetsek, Zuma”.

Will posters like this form part of a new “happy campaign”, such as the various initiatives kickstarted by Pharrell Williams’s smash hit song Happy last year?

Last year, more than a million viewers watched the Happy South Africa music video.

After that, Cape Town made its own music video.

As for the posters, neither Tokolos Stencils nor XCollective – the two main suspects – was available for comment.

– Tanya Farber 

2 thoughts on “Newspapers hit by poster ‘cover-up’

  • February 3, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    In today’s Vuvuzerald issue as well:

    “ANC CAN KEEP METRO BY SHOWING ITS CARING SIDE” from the columnist of Unspoken Thoughts….

    Ben Fihla; 5% new salary= R 1.152-million.
    Chippa Ngcolomba: 6% new salary= R 943000.
    Maria Hermans: 6% new salary= R 943000.
    Joy Seale: 6% new salary= R 890000.
    Proportional representation and ward councillors will each receive a package of about R 440000……

    I read this “caring side of the ANC” while I was listening Bach’s “Sleepers Awake”, so suitable for the PeeYee village………

  • February 3, 2015 at 10:34 am

    “””””Is the public getting gatvol of bad news? Clearly someone is – and is trying to spread a little cheer.”””””

    HA HA HA HA HA……..The sleepy community of villagers, clearly shows that it is better turn the collective backsides to the fire and have them burned, so they will have to sit on their own blisters……and only then wail…..Vuvuzerald style and all…

    One of the extremely rare events that was worth in the village, annually, (at a difference to other CITIES in the country), was the “Concert in the Park” event.

    Well, this year there won’t be one, because there are no sponsors, and the fat money comes from the Lotto……….nothing so far…….. So as this events cost money, nothing on this Earth is for mahala, you know…….NIKS…
    BUUUT, if there was going something to be planned like a useless Convention/Show/”Celebration”, etc by a political group linked to the ANC or government, where millions are wasted “with justification”, the money would be there, ready to be pocketed, is that not ??……..

    But the villagers must resume their habitual somnolence………..


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