ANC comeback plan

IN its battle for what it admits is dwindling support in Nelson Mandela Bay, the ANC has recommended a radical turnaround strategy, including withdrawing advertising from newspapers critical of the party and embarking on an aggressive member recruitment drive.

This is in preparation for next year’s local government elections and beyond, according to two confidential documents titled “Proposed Regional Turnaround Strategy” and “Nelson Mandela Regional Turnaround Strategy Workshop Report”.

ANC Eastern Cape provincial secretary Oscar Mabuyane said the party had called on the Bay’s regional executive committee (REC) to draft proposals and recommendations on how the party could improve its fortunes in the area, but these would still be subject to internal party processes and were not official policy.

The Herald – which is named as one of the publications from which advertising should be withheld – has seen the documents in question.

The party also details how it plans to recapture the Bay’s northern areas and western suburbs, which are both DA strongholds.

 – Xolisa Phillip 

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3 thoughts on “ANC comeback plan

  • January 5, 2015 at 1:29 pm

    This report reminds me of a famous Carole King song! “It’s too late baby! It’s too late”.They say that when Sir Cristopher Wren the designer of St Paul’s Cathedral died they put on his tombstone,”If you want to see what he did look around you”. In the same way if you want to see what the A.N.C. has done look around you! R.D.P. houses that are falling down with leaking roofs,corruption,waste,a whole school stolen brick by brick.billions spent on a transport system that still is not working after five years!,The scruffy run down Donkin with no security and items stolen,a generally scruffy dirty Port Elizabeth with Uitenhage one disaster area,Metro Traffic Cops who do NOTHING!!!,Apple Train GONE!!!Dolphinarium GONE!,Terrible Matric results! Terrible Schools!Ratepayers money wasted on football teams and pop concerts!Infighting! CAN YOU TELL ME ANYTHING THAT THE A.N.C. has done in this area? ANYTHING THEY HAVE DONE WELL?

  • January 5, 2015 at 11:04 am

    What worries me about the DA is their quietness at this stage, i would have they would have been more outspoken locally and get in amongst the opposition promoting the DA`s insight to a future with the DA in control and rectifying all the horrendous destruction of structures the ANC made during their long overdue tenure!

  • January 5, 2015 at 10:37 am

    If the support the ANC expects has finally seen the light then they are in for a beating,no amount of food parcels and pie in the sky promises will help their long lost cause but then they have other avenues to persue,”you know what i mean”!


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