Paddle-skier not missing after all

A paddle-skier, who had been reported missing at Pringle Bay, interrupted his Christmas festivities in order to alert authorities that he was in fact safe and sound, the NSRI on Friday.

“A paddle-skier who was suspected to be missing at Pringle Bay on Saturday, 20th December, has come forward after friends of his noticed a picture of his paddle-ski and the story on the NSRI web site,” the National Sea Rescue Institute spokesman Craig Lambinon said in a statement.

The man said that the tow-line of a double sea-kayak to which he and friends had attached his paddle ski had broken.

“His paddle-ski got washed away.”

The man then went home. However on Christmas Day he was alerted to the fact that a search was being conducted for him.

“He called NSRI and apologised for not alerting authorities that he had lost his paddle-ski at sea on that day.”

Lambinon said paddlers should stencil their name and contact numbers on their equipment and also alert the NSRI if they abandoned paddle boards at sea.

Meanwhile in East London, a man who disappeared under waves after being swept out to sea by rip currents on Thursday, remains missing.

An extensive air, sea and shore search proved unsuccessful.

Police have subsequently opened an investigation and alerted their diving unit.

On Friday in St Francis Bay, the NSRI also helped a fisherman who had injured himself after falling out of bed.

“While at fishing grounds off Tsitsikamma, near Plettenberg Bay, the Chokka Fishing boat experienced rough seas causing the 25-year-old fisherman to fall out of his bunk bed and fracture his ribs.”

The man was subsequently taken to hospital.


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