Angler survives struggle with 150kg shark

Lionel McDougall.
Lionel McDougall.

A PORT Elizabeth angler has told how he wrestled a ragged-tooth shark to save his leg at the weekend.

Lionel McDougall, who was bitten by the shark – estimated to weigh more than 150kg – at Rufane’s Beach, east of Port Alfred, during an angling competition on Saturday, recounted the moment when he heard the fish sink its sharp teeth into his leg.

The angler also quipped from his hospital bed that he would keep the shark’s 3cm tooth, which was removed from his knee during an operation yesterday.

Speaking from Mercantile Hospital in Port Elizabeth, McDougall said: “I went into the water to unhook the shark after it was caught by my teammate Gary Stevens. When I got my hands on it, the shark made a sharp turn and began to attack.

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2 thoughts on “Angler survives struggle with 150kg shark

  • April 15, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    Hi anonymous
    It’s not about being a hero, or being stupid.

    Anglers (myself included) often do this. We try to release the shark in a way least likely to cause injury.
    If we beach a large, heavy shark completely, the chances of causing damage to it’s internal organs increase dramatically. So we bring it into the shallows, but not so shallow the body mass is not supported by water.

    We know there are risks, and we are willing to accept these risks, just like a rugby player is willing to risk spinal injury when playing the game he loves.

    We try to be careful! Sometimes something goes wrong.
    These sort of accidents are extremely rare. Anglers catch and release sharks every day, very, very few get injured when releasing them, so few this kind of incident is almost unheard of.

  • April 14, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    what does he expect getting that close to a shark!!! This guy is NO hero, but a freaking IDIOT!! Stupidity gets what it deserves!!!


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