Pistorius murder trial day two: top quotes

OscarLogoThe Oscar Pistorius murder trial entered its second day in the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday. Below is a compilation of quotes of the day.

“Just listen to the question please.” — defence lawyer Barry Roux to State witness Michelle Burger.

“My statement is a few pages long. I’ve been testifying for hours and I can explain the minute details to the court.” — Burger.

“Do you know what it sounds like when an English willow wood [cricket bat] makes hard contact with a meranti door?” — Roux.

“I know what shots sound like.” — Burger.

“It seems like the one [statement] was used as a template for the other.” — Roux to Burger about her and her husband’s statements.

“We were in the same room.” — Burger.

“The witness is being badgered.” — prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

“Mr Roux, I really think you have exhausted this.” — Judge Thokozile Masipa.

“There was serious, serious, brain damage.” — Roux, on Steenkamp’s injuries.

“What were your emotions at the time of making the statement?” Nel to Burger.

“It was… raw emotion.” — Burger.

“When I’m in the shower, I relive her shouts.” — Burger.

“I am warning the media, if you do not behave, you will not be treated with soft gloves.” — Masipa, after discovering that a still photograph of Burger had been used by some media.

“We were not in violation of the court order, I must stress that.” –eNCA head of news Patrick Conroy.

“NOTE: ‘We used a still picture from the University website — also carried in daily newspapers.” — a tweet by eNCA.

“No photograph of this witness may be televised or published in any form.” — Masipa, before the swearing in of the second witness, Estelle van der Merwe.

“Bang, bang. That’s the best I can do.” — Van der Merwe’s testimony of what she heard the night of the killing.

“I was irritated by the noise because I wanted to sleep and my son was going to write an exam.” — Van der Merwe.

“I was terribly frightened [when she heard shots].” — Van der Merwe.

“My husband said it was Oscar that was crying.” — Van der Merwe.

“At that point we were under the impression that people were being attacked, like a house robbery, or an armed robbery.” — Charl Johnson.

“The woman continued screaming… she started screaming again.” –Johnson.

“The intensity and fear in her voice escalated and it was clear that this person’s life was in danger. That’s when the… shots were fired… I heard the lady scream again and the last scream faded moments after the last gunshot was fired.” — Johnson.

“I knew there were a few shots, I didn’t count them. I knew there were quite a few.” — Johnson.

“I lay awake thinking how I could improve the security in our house.” –Johnson.

“It’s fine, take a seat.” — Masipa to Pistorius, who apologised for arriving late in court.

“It’s Oscar Time. Money Back If He Walks. We will refund all losing bets on the Oscar Pistorius trial if he is found not guilty.” — an advert by Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.


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