Varsvlei Swimming Pool

Varsvlei Swimming Pool. PICTURE: FREDLIN ADRIAAN.
Varsvlei Swimming Pool. PICTURE: FREDLIN ADRIAAN.

The Varsvlei Swimming Pool gets an overall rating of 13/30

Cleanliness: 2/5 grounds kept clean in certain parts, papers scattered in other parts of the facility, also long grass and tree branches.

Bathrooms: 3/5 toilets kept clean as well as showers and change rooms. Could just do with routine maintenance like fixing lights and windows, and also painting the facility.

Lifeguards: 2/5 two lifeguards during the week with four over weekends and holidays.

Fencing: 2/5 Well fenced off, high wall with barbed wire, however can and should be replaced.

Shelter: 2/5 Few areas of shade at the pool, however not much. Also other grass areas which can be used.

Additional Entertainment: 2/5 Baby pool not operational, braai facilities, no guards during winter which then causes vandalism and theft of facilities at the pool.

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