St George’s Park Swimming Baths

St George’s Park Swimming Baths. PHOTO: FREDLIN ADRIAAN

The St George’s Park Swimming Baths gets an overall rating of 20/30

Cleanliness: 3/5 Grounds kept fairly clean, regularly cleaned by life guards on duty. Grass kept short and neat, no papers lying around.

Bathrooms: 3/5 Showers, toilets and change rooms in a satisfactory condition with a few touch ups needed here and there.

Lifeguards: 4/5 Three guards on duty with the addition of more, up to six on holidays and weekends.

Fencing: 4/5 Facility well cordoned off, with high wall surrounding the grounds.

Shelter: 3/5 Not many shady seated areas around the grounds, large grass patches where people can relax.

Additional Entertainment: 3/5 Baby pool operational, braai facilities, diving boards and a water fountain.

St Georges SP Graphic

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