Newton Park Pool


Newton park Swimming Pool. PHOTO; FREDLIN ADRIAAN.
Newton park Swimming Pool. PHOTO; FREDLIN ADRIAAN.


The Newton Park Swimming Pool gets an overall rating of 20/30

Cleanliness: 4/5 Facility kept in immaculate condition inside and out. Grass short, grounds clean, pool area also pretty clean.

Bathrooms: 3/5 Bathrooms kept  reasonably clean, needs a bit of refurbishment and maintenance, but otherwise it is in a fair condition.

Lifeguards: 3/5 Two guards on duty, working in a rotational basis. On event or competition days that number is increased according to the number of patrons at the pool.

Fencing: 4/5 Very well cordoned off. Large fence erected around the perimeter of the facility, and also the pool building is very well protected.

Shelter: 3/5 Inside the pool area there are stands for people to sit, seeing that the facility is used as a training and competition venue, it does not really lend itself out to those wanting to make a day of it.

Additional Entertainment: 3/5 Diving pool as well as being able to swim lanes in the main pool.

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