Algoa Park Swimming Baths

Algoa Park swimming pool
Algoa Park swimming pool. PHOTO: FREDLIN ADRIAAN


The Algoa Park Swimming Baths gets an overall rating of 19/30

Cleanliness: 3/5 Grass kept fairly clean, with a few papers lying around in the corners of the complex.

Bathrooms: 3/5 Toilets, showers are in a good condition, could use paint and some maintenance, but reasonably well looked after.

Lifeguards: 3/5 One guard on duty the day we visited, however, usually there are four guards on duty.

Fencing: 3/5 Entire complex is cordoned off by a fence, as well as walls on one side. It also has barbed wire on the walls.

Shelter: 3/5 Some good shaded areas on the premises, also umbrellas placed on certain spots for patrons convenience.

Additional Entertainment: 4/5 A jungle gym with swings, baby pool working and clean and braai facilities.

Algoa Park SP Graphic

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