Security guards mocked in Gupta e-mail

Rajesh “Tony” Gupta blasted the G4S security guards deployed to protect his family’s luxury Saxonworld compound as nothing more than “monkeys”‚ an account captured in leaked e-mails suggest.

The e-mails point to an altercation that Gupta had with at least two guards in October 2012‚ after they failed to heed his orders to prepare for the arrival of guests.

The e-mails show that on October 2‚ an employee of Sahara – the Gupta’s computer retailer company – wrote to former G4S general manager Lenord Zaal complaining about one of the guards.

The complaint was sent to company director Atul Gupta.

Gupta family attorney Gert van der Merwe referred questions to Gupta family spokesman Gary Naidoo for comment. He had not replied at the time of publication.

G4S spokeswoman Wendy Hardy said many of those with knowledge of the alleged incident had left the company.

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