Branches blame imposed candidates for voter apathy

Bad weather conditions, imposing councillor candidates on residents and voter apathy are what led to the ANC losing power in Nelson Mandela Bay, according to some metro branch leaders.

In Motherwell’s Ward 54, some blamed the councillor candidate lists debacle, saying it had led to some choosing rather not to vote.

A member of the branch executive committee, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said: “The councillor candidate was imposed on the people, which has cost them a lot of votes.

“People lost interest in these elections and decided not to vote.

“Some members complained that ANC leaders were becoming ignorant and ignoring people’s needs and that they no longer listened to what the people wanted.”

In Ward 57, also Motherwell, branch members said even though the bad weather conditions were to blame, people did not go to vote because they were unhappy about service delivery issues in their area.

“We had comrades coming to campaign here, but they made more promises on top of the already existing promises.” In Ward 36, some staunch ANC supporters complained that for the door-to-door campaign, the ANC brought in officials who failed to communicate a clear message.

“The door-to-door campaign was not properly done.

“Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas . . . failed to listen to people’s concerns and people lost interest in the leadership.

“Our members were also disappointed when Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula did not come.

“We had lots of problems with the list process.

“Our candidate who was number one was removed and placed in second position and we were never contacted as the community members.”

In Ward 22, most of the ANC members fed-up with the list process joined the DA at the 11th hour.

“We complained to the ANC leadership about the candidate list which was changed by the ANC officials. No one wanted to listen to us,” a former Ward 22 ANC branch member said.

“They keep on imposing councillors who are not wanted by the people . . . They are still going to lose more votes come 2019.”

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