Ruling party’s soul at risk – Chikane

Reverend Frank Chikane. Picture: JAMES OATWAY
Reverend Frank Chikane. Picture: JAMES OATWAY

ANC veteran the Rev Frank Chikane believes the soul of the ruling party is under attack from within.

He said yesterday he had given party leaders a document titled “The soul of the ANC Is under attack” before the municipal elections.

It warned that the ANC could lose support in key metro cities – a prediction confirmed by the outcome of the poll.

The document warned of a downward turn and loss of confidence that‚ if not curbed‚ would evolve into a freefall in which the ANC lost metros or major cities in one to five years‚ then some provinces and‚ in the next nine to 14 years‚ would be defeated in a national election.

Chikane and other party veterans were concerned about corruption and the future of the ANC.

“I never believed you could corrupt an ANC member because [when] we fought the system‚ there was lots of money to buy us away.

“Even the cadres of the movement you thought wouldn’t become corruptible‚ once in power become corruptible.”

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