Blunden’s lawyer ill, so attempted murder case postponed

Shaun Blunden
Picture: Supplied

The attempted murder case against well-known businessman Shaun Blunden was postponed in the Port Elizabeth Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

The matter was previously postponed to allow the defence time to obtain clothing Blunden was wearing on the night he allegedly shot his former brother-in-law Deon Williams.

Yesterday, Blunden’s defence attorney Paul Roelofse was ill.

Blunden is accused of shooting Williams at the Blundens’ Walmer Heights family home on June 20 2015.

It is alleged Williams confronted Blunden after receiving a frantic call from his daughter, Kaylin, claiming she was being kicked out the house.

Previously, Williams had claimed a heated agreement ensued after he arrived, which led to Blunden firing a shot that hit him in the abdomen.

Kaylin and Williams’s former wife, Cheryl, who is also Blunden’s sister, had been living in the Walmer Heights home at the time.

Blunden was the co-founder and former chief executive of Blunden Coach Tours.

The case was postponed to May 9.

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