JUST IN | Several passengers injured as fire extinguisher discharges on bus

A fire extinguisher discharged on a bus on Monday morning, causing panic
Picture: Supplied

Several passengers were injured on Monday morning (12/03/18) when a fire extinguisher exploded on an Algoa Bus.

The incident happened in Mendi Road, New Brighton just before 8am.

The panic caused a stampede as passengers rushed off the bus.

Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said one of the passengers phoned the ambulance control centre.

He said according to a report he received from Rynhardt Stander, of the department’s ambulance service, the explosion occurred near the front door of the bus.

“A white powder engulfed the passengers who were in the bus, causing panic and chaos. Passengers broke the emergency exit window to escape from the bus. Several patients were injured when they jumped from the back of the bus.

“Four passengers suffered possible spinal injuries in the ensuing stampede.”

Kupelo said the condition of three others were not known as they were taken to hospital by private vehicle.

“Twelve suffered light injuries and were treated for respiratory problems,” he said.

Kupelo said the patients were divided between Dora Nginza, Mercantile and Livingstone hospitals for treatment.


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