Bay failing to meet its staff equity plan targets

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is battling to meet its own employment equity targets, with only 28% of its top-paying positions occupied by women.

The municipality is also performing poorly in employing disabled people, with an abysmal 0.01% of its staff complement made up of disabled employees.

This was revealed by corporate services boss Vuyo Zitumane at a portfolio committee meeting yesterday.

Zitumane said the statistics were an embarrassment for the municipality.

“There is an overrepresentation of African and white males in the top three [salary grades].”

Zitumane said Indian men were also over-represented.

“All females, irrespective of race, are grossly underrepresented. The current target is 48% and we are sitting at 28%.

“I have appointed more than 50% of women in the top three [grade] categories but we are still at 28%.”

Zitumane said she had attempted to draw disabled people by specifically highlighting that some positions did not require a high level of mobility.

“We have 64 disabled people in the institution, [in] a staff complement of 6 400, so that is 0.01% and the target is 2%. “This is an insult to disabled people.” The municipality is set to submit its fiveyear employment equity plan at the next committee meeting.

In 2015, the city was embroiled in a court battle with three municipal officials who believed that the municipality’s equity plan did not reflect the metro’s racial demographics and because it was based on national and provincial figures, more black and fewer coloured people would be hired.

Yesterday, one of the officials, Willie Blundin, said they had settled the matter out of court. “We agreed that a new plan would be drawn up. However, I am not sure of the execution thereof, “Blundin said.

Although an agreement to change the equity plan was signed, the municipality is still using provincial racial demographics.

Zitumane said the city’s equity plan would only be changed in October.

Labour relations director Mzimasi Mangcotywa said the city’s failure to reach the equity targets was discussed at length at a meeting on Monday.

Councillors who serve on the committee called for timeframes for the required targets to be reached. ANC councillor Kholekile Bhoqwana said: “It is no use that we keep having discussions because they are not yielding any results.”

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