2.7 tons of meat ‘stuffed into VW Polo’

A truck on its way to drop meat off in Somerset East was hijacked yesterday on the N2 – with 2.7 tons of the stolen lamb and pork stuffed into a VW Polo.

The refrigerated truck was stopped at about midday near Coega and meat worth about R144 000 stolen.

But within an hour, two men were arrested and all the meat found.

Police spokeswoman Captain Gerda Swart said the delivery driver and his two passengers were en route to Somerset East when men driving a VW Polo robbed them.

“The truck was driving along the N2 after departing from their depot in Markham shortly before midday,” she said.

“When the truck approached the Coega area, they slowed down to take a turn-off near Neptune Road in Coega.

“As they slowed down and came to a stop, a white Polo pulled alongside them. Three occupants in the Polo forced the two passengers out of the truck at gunpoint and locked them in the back of the truck,” she said.

One of the suspects then forced the driver to drive the truck while the VW Polo followed behind.

“The driver claims that the boxes of meat were then unpacked from the truck and placed into the VW Polo.

“It is alleged that the men tied the driver up and left the two helpers locked in the back of the truck.

“Residents then alerted police to the incident,” she said.

She said within an hour, police received information that the meat was being unpacked behind a shop in Daku Road, Kwazakhele.

With the police arriving, two men offloading the meat from another delivery van, were arrested.

Asked how the 2.7 tons of meat fitted into a VW Polo, Swart said they were still investigating this.

Both men are due to appear in the Motherwell Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

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