WATCH: President Jacob Zuma responds

President Jacob Zuma speaks for the first time after being recalled by the ANC NEC.

A calm looking President Jacob Zuma on Wednesday appeared on national television to say his political party had not provided him with reasons for its decision to recall him.

He has not given clear answer on whether or not he will resign but has said that he will issue a statement later today.

Zuma – who was given until today to submit his resignation letter by the ANC – says he disagrees with his party’s decision to recall him.

“What have I done wrong… I don’t understand… I don’t think it is fair‚ it is unfair.”

“I felt I am being victimised here.”

“I disagree with the ANC decision to ask me to resign.”

“I haven’t defied. I’ve simply disagreed.”

Pressure has been mounting on Zuma to leave the highest office in the land after Cyril Ramaphosa‚ his deputy president‚ narrowly won the election as ANC president in December. Zuma and his allies stand accused of an improper relationship with the Gupta family‚ whose properties were raided by the Hawks earlier today as part of a probe into state capture.

Watch the interview here:


Julius Malema‚ once one of Jacob Zuma’s biggest supporters‚ has called out the president on what he says is a lie.

Talking live on national television‚ Zuma said he was one of those who said Thabo Mbeki should not be recalled ” . .
. “it would set a bad precedent… I was defeated by the majority”.

Malema‚ now leader of the opposition EFF fighting for a motion of no confidence in Zuma in parliament‚ rejected this assertion on Twitter.

“He talking rubbish‚ CR (Cyril Ramaphosa) is the one who opposed it. Zuma told me that we should remove Mbeki because he can’t work with him.”

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