Rubble causes at least three accidents on N2

This BMW was extensively damaged when it spun out of control after ploughing into bricks and concrete slabs on the N2 yesterday
Picture: Charlton Ferreira/Crash Motors

Motorist robbed after car slams into bricks and slabs in road

At least three motorists damaged their vehicles while driving on the N2 between Cotswold and Stanford Road at the weekend after bricks and concrete slabs were strewn across a section of the road.

Crash Motors tow truck driver Charlton Ferreira said a BMW 525i, with Cape Town registration plates, was significantly damaged after it hit the rocks and spun out of control.

The vehicle came to a standstill after crashing through a centre barrier.

Then, while the driver was putting an emergency triangle in the road to warn other motorists, he was robbed of his cellphone and other belongings, Ferreira said.

Attempts to contact the driver yesterday were unsuccessful.

Two other vehicles, a white VW Jetta and an Opel Kadett, were also damaged after they hit the rocks.

The driver of the VW Jetta, Morne Pretorius, 33, of Newton Park, said he was on his way to work just after 4.30am yesterday when he saw the aftermath of the BMW accident.

“I had just turned onto the highway [from Burt Drive] when I saw a guy had crashed,” he said.

Pretorius damaged his vehicle’s radiator and front wheel.

“I was confused, I didn’t know what happened,” he said.

Pretorius carried on driving and stopped at a nearby petrol station.

He had to have his car towed after he noticed the rim of his front right wheel had been damaged and the radiator was leaking.

Willie Conradie, 56, who lives in Finch Street, which runs parallel to the N2 highway on the Cotswold side, said in the eight years he had lived there he had never seen so many accidents in quick succession.

“At about 4.45am I heard a loud bang and went to investigate.

“I got into my bakkie and drove down the highway [in the direction of Stanford Road] and saw bricks and very big pieces of concrete in the road,” he said.

While standing at the scene, another bakkie went through the bricks and concrete slabs.

“He nearly drove into us when he swerved to miss the stuff.”

Ferreira said he was fortunate enough to have noticed the obstacles while responding the scene.

“It was on a blind corner so there isn’t a lot of time to brake,” he said.

Police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans said it was not the first time such incidents had happened on the N2.

“This is a problem we are sitting with. We see it now and again, especially over weekends and the early hours when the roads are quieter.”

He said police were investigating the incident and warned residents to look out for suspicious activity on the roads, especially at night when robbers targeted drivers.

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