Unusual twist in rape arrest

A man was arrested in a bloodsmeared vehicle for alleged drunken driving early yesterday morning – and then found to have allegedly raped a Port Elizabeth woman.

Metro Police officials were alerted after 6am that a vehicle was parked in Humewood Road and, on investigation, arrested him for driving under the influence of alcohol.

When the woman later reported the alleged rape, the police realised that the description of the suspect and the vehicle mirrored that of the alleged drunken driver.

Municipal executive director for safety and security Keith Meyer said officers had reacted to a report about a stationary vehicle in the road between Perrot Road and Walmer Boulevard.

“Upon arrival, they found the engine of the vehicle running and the man in the driver’s seat appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

“A breathalyser test confirmed his intoxication.

“The Metro Police officers spotted blood stains on the vehicle and also discovered bloodied clothes and items.

“The scene was secured and the South African Police Services forensic team was called out.

“The driver of the vehicle was arrested by the Metro Police for being under the influence of alcohol and was taken to Humewood SAPS, where he was detained,” he said.

The suspect is expected to appear in court today.

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