Ambulance driver hit on head by brick while fetching patient

An ambulance driver suffered a head injury when two men charged at the ambulance with a brick in Missionvale
Picture: Supplied

An ambulance driver who had picked up a pregnant woman was attacked at 2.30am in Missionvale yesterday.

Nelson Mandela Bay Emergency Medical Services boss Brenhan Metune said the ambulance driver had been rushed to hospital with a suspected concussion after she was hit on the head by a brick.

Eastern Cape department of health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the ambulance had been called out to a Missionvale shop which was a common pick-up point for emergency vehicles.

As the call was for a pregnant woman needing help, an obstetrics ambulance had been sent.

“After loading the patient, the female ambulance driver was stopped by a man informing her that his father had been stabbed.

“The next moment, two other men ran from the bush and charged at the ambulance,” Kupelo said.

“The driver accelerated and managed to get away from the two men. The men then hurled a brick at her through the window on the driver’s side.

“She sustained a head injury and her partner got glass in his eyes.”

Kupelo said the driver had received treatment for her injuries at the Greenacres Hospital.

Metune said a case would be opened as soon as the ambulance driver was able to make a statement.

He said the patient at the back of the ambulance had not been injured in the attack.

“She was taken to Dora Nginza Hospital,” he said.

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