WATCH: Speeding car hits boy‚ 7‚ as crowd watches drifters burning rubber

A new video has emerged of the moment a seven-year-old boy was killed by a car in front of a crowd watching members of a drifting club burning rubber in Cape Town.

Noah Hattingh was mowed down by a passing car while a yellow BMW was performing donuts and other tricks in Kraaifontein on November 19.

He was among dozens of adults and children watching members of the Scottsdene Spinners Car Club performing in a car park.

The video posted on Facebook by Michael Meintjies shows the yellow BMW spinning around the car park for a minute before a red car speeds into the picture from the left and hits Noah‚ leaving his body crumpled on the pavement.

As a crowd gathers around Noah‚ the red car returns and its occupants load Noah into the car before speeding off.

The yellow BMW then resumes its drifting routine‚ to the disgust of many commentators on Meintjies’s Facebook page.

Police are investigating a case of culpable homicide‚ and spokesman Captain FC van Wyk said a statement had been taken from the driver of the red car.

Noah‚ who was in Grade 1 at Parkdene Primary School‚ was orphaned at the age of four months and was being brought up by his grandmother‚ Pauline Hattingh.

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