Police warn against street justice after mob kills PE teen

About 120 New Brighton residents killed a Port Elizabeth teenager yesterday morning amid claims that he had murdered his mother.

After the attack, police issued a stern warning that vigilante justice would not be tolerated.

When reporters visited the scene of the vicious attack on Lindo Kuhle, 18, residents said they had not seen anything.

Police spokesman Captain Andre Beetge said the incident was triggered after Nothemba Eunice Tsili, 56, was found dead outside her home in Tabata Street, New Brighton, at about 4.45am.

“She was stabbed multiple times in her upper body and neck,” Beetge said.

“The community in the area immediately began a search for her son, Lindo Kuhle, who they suspected was the murderer.”

Kuhle was found by residents before the police could locate him.

“At 9.40am a group of about 120 people killed him [Kuhle] by burning him in the street, not far from where the body of his mother was found earlier,” Beetge said.

Tsili’s sister, who did not want to be named, was at Kuhle’s home shortly after the murder. She said she was angry that residents had taken to social media to write about her sister and nephew’s deaths.

“What happened to my sister’s boy is devastating,” she said.

“I hear people have posted about it on Facebook for the whole world to see.

“I would like to invite whoever posted this incident as something to laugh about on Facebook to come forward and attend to you [the reporter] as we do not have time for media inquiries.

“We as a family do not want our affairs broadcast – we keep our matters in the family.” Motherwell cluster commander Major General Dawie Rabie said: “Revenge attacks, or mob justice, cannot be tolerated. One cannot right a wrong with another wrong.

“Murder stays murder, and those killing out of revenge will face the same consequences.”

Both murders are under investigation by New Brighton police.

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