Water Crisis: Send your questions for a live Q&A

HeraldLIVE will be sitting down with Bay engineering and infrastructure head Annette Lovemore on 9 November, 2017 to answer your water-related questions during a live session.

In October it was announced that further water restrictions are on the cards for Nelson Mandela Bay residents while the city has experienced the lowest levels of rainfall in the past 20 years.

This comes as Nelson Mandela Bay is losing more than 40% of its water supply every month to leaks, burst pipes, incorrect billing and water that residents have not paid for, according to the financial report for July to September.

Since October thousands of residents have also been left without water at weekends due to municipal workers refusing to work without being paid overtime and Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip is adamant that water problems linked to valves which had been switched off, are acts of sabotage compounded by political meddling.

In July last year, the average dam levels stood at 72.58%, but this has seen a steady decline to 31.29% in September.

We’re inviting readers to send us their questions and we’ll give Lovemore and infrastructure and engineering executive director, Walter Shaidi, the opportunity to answer them live on Facebook.

Readers can submit their questions as a comment on this Facebook Post on our Facebook Page and remember to tune in tomorrow at 8am for the live Q & A.

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