Men think they can get away with rape‚ says commissioner

Men often condone rape and don’t call one another out‚ a leading human rights official has said.

“Few of us will call each other out and say: ‘You will not rape in my name and continue to be my friend as if nothing happened‚’” said Mbuyiselo Botha‚ a commissioner at the Commission for Gender Equality speaking on Radio 702.

“There is a notion that there are no consequences. I will literally get away with it.”

He said rape had nothing to do with a sexual urge‚ but more with how men view women.

“It is about power. There’s a notion that women’s bodies belong to us. The issue of ownership is critical on how we view women’s bodies.”

He said boys should be taught at a young age that they have no right over anyone’s bodies.

“Respect for women’s bodies‚ respect for your own body‚ as a young boy‚ is fundamental.

“Men should be saying: ‘No rape should happen in my name.’ By keeping quiet‚ we are colluding‚ we are condoning rape.”

A number of women have spoken out about being raped over the past week‚ including former ANC MP Jennifer Ferguson.

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