Malabar resident fears water leak could result in sinkhole

A water leak under Mountview Drive in Malabar

A water leak under Mountview Drive in Malabar has a resident concerned that a sinkhole could form.

A wet stain appeared in the middle of the road two weeks ago and has still not been fixed by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

Resident Anand Naicker said he first noticed the wet patch on September 22.

“At first, I thought it was just water thrown out after someone washed their car, but the next day it was still there,” he said.

He said several attempts to report the matter via the municipal water leaks hotline and Ward 12 councillor Sharlene Davids had been in vain.

“I first reported the problem on September 24 and again on September 25 before reporting it to the councillor’s office,” he said.

He said an official who answered the water leaks hotline said the matter had already been logged but could not be fixed due to a shortage of resources.

“I called Sharlene Davids’s office again on October 2, where I was told the call had been logged and the matter had been addressed.

“Apart from the urgent need to save water in the metro, I’m concerned about the formation of a sinkhole if it is left unattended.”

Davids could not be reached for comment. Municipal spokesman Mthubanzi Mniki said: “The leak will be attended to as soon as the necessary resources become available and affected residents will be communicated with,” he said.

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