WATCH: Domino and Dumisa in Hong Kong

Port Elizabeth-born dolphin, Dumisa at Ocean Park in Hong Kong
Picture: Julie Oates

Port Elizabeth-born dolphins Domino and Dumisa look “really happy” says local Julie Oates after visiting them in Hong Kong recently.

Visiting the two beloved dolphins at Ocean Park in Hong Kong earlier this week, Oates shared videos and photos saying it “was so amazing to be able to see both dolphins from PE in HK [Hong Kong]. So happy.”

 Speaking to The Herald Oates said she was thrilled to see that the dolphins were “well looked after and safe.”

 “I went to Ocean Park just to see them. My friend and I were lucky to be given a quick private viewing of Domino and Dumisa after we told them that we were from Port Elizabeth.”

Domino and Dumisa, Indian Ocean bottlenose dolphins, were moved to Ocean Park as part of a global breeding programme in July 2009.

 “I know that there are people who had issues on my post about them being in captivity but I was just happy to see that they are safe and fine,” Oates said.

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