“Trollip does not want a deputy”-Marlon Daniels

Marlon Daniels
Picture: Brian Witbooi

Nelson Mandela Bay mayor Athol Trollip is nothing more than a dictator whose arrogance leads him to believe that he must rule supreme over the municipality.

This is according to Patriotic Alliance (PA) councillor Marlon Daniels whose party left the DA-led coliation in a dramatic fashion on Thursday.

Daniels made the startling claims against Trollip in a Whatsapp message sent to the media on Friday.

“The PA does not take kindly to people who are hell bent on wanting to govern with a dictatorship style, as is the case with Trollip,” he said.

Daniels said Trollip wanted him to believe that the city did not need a deputy mayor.

“In a meeting held [three] days ago in Trollip’s office, attended by myself, DA Provincial leader Nqaba Bhanga, Cope councillor (Siyasanga) Sijadu and ACDP councillor (Lance) Grootboom, Trollip said this metro could function without a deputy mayor.”

“He went on to say that this metro only needs a mayor and thereafter the members of the mayoral committee,” he said.

Daniels said Trollip substantiated this by saying it would ensure everyone was equal.

“Both Grootboom and Sijadu were in favour of Trollip’s suggestion while I was left gobsmacked.”

Daniels said Grootboom and Sijadu were not politicians.

“They play right into the trap of Trollip, who in turn prefers to deal with people like them, who do not know when they are being manipulated.”

He said the PA, unlike Cope and ACDP could not just roll over and “play dead”.

“How can one even in your most drunken state agree that a mayor is all this metro needs? This is not a farm, so why must one person believe that he should solely crack the whip?”

He said Trollip just wanted to reign supreme.

“This experience I have had with Trollip in this particular meeting was mind blowing and a great eye opener to his dictator style leadership and arrogance, having no regard for others.”

But Trollip said Daniels forgot to give the full context in the meeting.

“I do not have any comment. He apparently forgot to tell you the context or full content of our discussion in our political management meeting,” Trollip said.

Trollip’s mayoral chief of staff, Kristoff Adelbert, said the coalition agreement required consultation between all coalition partners.

“With such short notice, this consultation could not take place. Furthermore placing an item for appointment of (deputy mayor) onto the agenda on the day of council would not have been procedural.”

“Daniels and the PA has become blinded by unrealistic expectations, now they have nothing at all. Nonetheless the coalition goverment continues its work of taking the City forward,” Adelbert said.

Grootboom rubbished Daniels’ claims.

“It did not happen that way. Marlon is giving a false story, if there was any dictatorship it was from Daniels.”

“The issue was on the table after the mayor received a message from Gayton Mckenzie about pulling out,” he said.

Grootboom said after debating the matter they decided it was still a pending court matter.

“The PA is doing things gangster style and we will not be played the same way Bobani played us, Grootboom said.

He said Trollip did not dictate to them and that Daniels was talking nonsense.

Sijadu said in a Facebook post on Saturday that PA,ACDP,DA and COPE met the day before council and they collectively decided since the matter of the deputy mayor was still with the courts, that they should rather wait until that is finalized.

She also stated that Daniels “never objected nor put up a counter view” to the decision.

Sijadu said she was shocked to see an article with them [PA] giving an ultimatum later that evening. “We are a coalition, the PA will never be bigger than the collective.”

3 thoughts on ““Trollip does not want a deputy”-Marlon Daniels

  • September 24, 2017 at 4:15 am


  • September 23, 2017 at 8:34 pm

    Marlon Daniels and his party is selfish they only think about themselves and want titles instead of serving the people so that service delivery can continue. They have been bribed hy the anc so that the anc must win back controll and mess up this metro again

  • September 23, 2017 at 10:59 am

    I am not surprised by Marlon’s response. The PA’s purpose was purely for position and power not to advance our Metro.
    Cllr Grootboom has inegrity and he stands with the Mayor and the team.
    The current Mayoral Committee might be shaken by the Bobani and the UDM debacle but our city has seen positive change which in itself will cause a rippling effect.
    Therefore we do not need another Bobani or Daniels to disrupt the growth process in our Metro.


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